On Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump

On the Surface Hillary Clinton made headlines last month by announcing at the Democratic debate that she is not a “natural politician.” This sentiment rings true for the American public, as well: 6 in 10 Americans find Clinton untrustworthy. With Clinton poised to become the Democratic nominee, her situation would have spelled trouble for her in any other election year. But this is not any … Continue reading On Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump

COP21 Climate Change Conference

On the Paris Climate Agreement

By Rahil Modi Note: This is a topic explanation only. No analysis will be provided. On the Surface The Paris Climate Summit (COP21) took place in December of 2015. The result was the adoption of the first-ever universal climate deal by 195 countries. All countries involved have set ambitious goals, but some will have a harder time of achieving them than others. The US and … Continue reading On the Paris Climate Agreement


On Brazil’s Olympic Worries

On the surface The 2016 Olympics will be held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, at the cost of 13 billion dollars. However, at this point, Brazil may not be able to fulfill its commitment: it is facing an outbreak of disease and a large recession.  Disease Disaster The Zika virus is a disease sweeping throughout the Americas, and has incited a panic throughout the western world.  … Continue reading On Brazil’s Olympic Worries


On Turkey’s March to War

On the Surface A car bomb a stone’s throw from the Turkish parliament in Ankara on February 17 has had enormous significance. It has invigorated Turkey’s war effort against Kurdish insurgents, and might even pull Turkey deeper into Syria and into conflict with both the United States and Russia. The Bomb Heard ‘Round the World On Thursday, a car bomb exploded in the Turkish capital … Continue reading On Turkey’s March to War