Candidate Profile: Rand Paul

Presidential candidate Rand Paul

On the Surface

Dr. Rand Paul (R-KY) dominates the libertarian wing of the Republican party. However, Paul seems a fringe candidate in that respect. Unlikely to enjoy support from outside the libertarian wing, it’s hard to envision that he will win the Republican nomination.


The son of former Rep. Ron Paul, Dr. Rand Paul attended Baylor University and the Duke School of Medicine. He practiced opthalmology in Kentucky, specializing in cataract and glaucoma surgeries. In 2010, Paul was elected to represent Kentucky in the Senate. While in office, he voted against the extension of the PATRIOT Act, and was vocally opposed to any bailout (especially that of Detroit). More recently, he filibustered an addition to the PATRIOT Act for ten and a half hours, preventing passage of the bill.


Paul identifies as a member of the Tea Party, calling for smaller government. He is strongly against government intervention in economic issues. He wishes to audit the Federal Reserve and to lower taxes for Americans.

Paul opposes abortion. In addition, he thinks that couples, regardless of sexual orientation, should engage in marital contracts. He supports immigration reform, calling for heightened border security. Finally, he proposes to eliminate foreign aid.


Paul’s biggest challenge is name recognition. His poll numbers lag behind those of other candidates, and he is far from the lead. His filibuster against the PATRIOT Act garnered a significant amount of attention, but Paul has since been overshadowed by the likes of Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.

When Paul does get recognized, he is considered a fringe candidate: out of alignment with the Republican base. This makes him unlikely to win the Republican nomination.

Any thoughts on this?

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