On the Paris Terror Attacks

Liberté, égalité, fraternité

Out of respect to the victims of the tragedy in Paris, no analysis will be provided.

On Friday night, three teams of terrorists coordinated attacks at six locations in Paris, using 7 suicide bombers. 89 people died at the Bataclan concert hall; others were killed at a stadium and at cafés. French police claimed to have found a Syrian passport on one of the attackers’ bodies, increasing fears about a terrorist presence in Europe due to increasing numbers of refugees.

On Saturday, the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attacks. French President Hollande condemned the assault as “an act of war.” France is in a state of emergency, and many major cities are on the lookout for copycat attacks. Hollande has vowed retaliation, and France has commenced a bombing campaign against ISIS.

Our thoughts and prayers here at the Argus Chronicle are with the people of France.

Any thoughts on this?

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