On Hillary Clinton’s Path to the Nomination

On the Surface

Bernie Sanders destroyed Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, raising the very real specter that she could lose the nomination. While Clinton had a commanding win in Nevada, Sanders is still a very real threat. At this point, Clinton’s easiest path to the nomination involves setting aside her ego and finding a savior in Barack Obama.

A Divisive Ego

Bernie Sanders’ popularity comes from his focus on sweeping issues on the mind of a country still reeling from a market collapse caused by big banks (and followed by the banks’ recovery and the rest of the country’s stagnation). Meanwhile, Clinton has pulled her campaign’s focus onto her: her résumé (one that includes being First Lady and Secretary of State) and her extensive experience as a public servant. This is absolutely the wrong approach for Clinton.

Relying on Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton needs to draw focus away from her own accomplishments and link herself more solidly to Barack Obama.

Bernie Sanders finds himself gaining momentum (even after his loss in Nevada) because of his populist rhetoric. This is something that Clinton herself should also be espousing, but she lacks populist credibility: she’s been repeatedly attacked for her involvement with Wall Street.

As such, many people doubt that Clinton represents earnest change. However, people still hold that belief about Barack Obama, and this is something that Clinton should capitalize on.

Sanders has been quick to criticize Obama for not being progressive enough. Clinton needs to attack him on this, to connect herself to the country’s first black president, and icon of hope and change. She needs to make it clear that a Clinton presidency would build upon the work of Barack Obama.

Any thoughts on this?

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