On Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump

On the Surface

Hillary Clinton made headlines last month by announcing at the Democratic debate that she is not a “natural politician.” This sentiment rings true for the American public, as well: 6 in 10 Americans find Clinton untrustworthy. With Clinton poised to become the Democratic nominee, her situation would have spelled trouble for her in any other election year. But this is not any other election year. She’s likely to face Republican nominee Donald Trump, and this will win her the presidency.

Coverage Wars

This was supposed to be an easy win for the Republican party. Hillary Clinton was certainly going to be the Democratic nominee (Bernie Sanders’ unexpected surge in popularity cast a shadow of doubt over this, but Clinton’s dominance in recent primaries and caucuses has all but secured her place as nominee). And, as one of the most well-known politicians in the US, Clinton was under constant scrutiny during her time in office, even running into scandal. All that Republicans had to do was remind voters what they didn’t like about Clinton (and this strategy was even lent credence by would-be Speaker Kevin McCarthy–a gaffe that cost him the Speakership).

But Donald Trump, the inevitable nominee with a public profile even higher than Clinton’s, has utterly scuttled the strategy of creating a referendum on Clinton. He’s overshadowed Clinton and all of the issues that the Republican party has tried to dredge up against her. Clinton being in hot water over her private email server was covered, for example, but Trump still dominated the national conversation with inflammatory comments and personal attacks against his GOP competitors–things that put him in a negative light far harsher than anything Clinton has found herself in.

For Hillary Clinton in 2016, the lower profile, the better. Donald Trump is a godsend for Clinton–and will cost Republicans the White House in 2016.


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