Arvind Veluvali


Arvind is a freshman at Brown University and started the Argus Chronicle during his junior year at Edina High School. He served as Editor-in-Chief.


Tanner Jones


Jones is a Junior at Edina High School and an avid politics enthusiast. He hopes to see Argus expand in both content level and readership.


In coming months, Jones hopes to implement changes beneficial to both Argus and the community.

Nathan Annareddy

Technology Director

Nathan is a freshman at, like the rest of the team, Edina High School. In his free time, Nathan usually can be seen doing work for school, debate, speech or studying or complaining about his 98% A+ grades.



Jacob Straub

Regular Correspondent

Jacob is a sophomore at Edina High School, where he competes in both debate and swimming. In his free time, you can find him working on his computer or practicing his instrument, the euphonium.


Write for Argus

For proposed article ideas and other inquiries, email us directly at Use the Guidelines below.

    • If you do not receive a response at the email listed above within 3 days, send us individual messages at (//\\)
    • Submit a list of 5 topics for Editor In Chief’s approval.
    • Write an article on one of the approved topics (up to 5/5 may be approved)
    • Submit the article for evaluation by an Editor

There are advancement opportunities. These include being a Regular Contributor and an Editor.

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