On Areas of Friction Between U.S and Russia

On the Surface U.S-Russian relations have been under duress as of late. With both powers competing for influence in the realm of Eurasian and Middle Eastern geopolitics, the potential for conflict similar to the Cold War remains a grim possibility. Anti-Western Rhetoric Russian anti-western rhetoric has been revitalized as of late. As opposed to Kruschev’s effrontery threats when addressing the U.N. council, 21st century anti-western sentiments manifest themselves in Color Revolutions. These revolutions (mostly civil movements in the former Soviet Union during the early 2000s), beginning with the Rose Revolution in Georgia, the Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan, and the the … Continue reading On Areas of Friction Between U.S and Russia

On the Zika Virus

On the Surface The Zika virus is sweeping through the Americas, and has been observed in countries as far away as Denmark and Sweden. Governments around the world must take action to stop the spread of this disease. Epidemiology The Zika virus has been observed along the equatorial belt in Asia and Africa since the 1950s, but it has recently reached pandemic levels in 21 countries across Central America, the Caribbean, and South America. Zika is closely related to Dengue Fever, and is spread by mosquitos (distribution of Zika-carrying species is illustrated in the map above). According to the WHO, it is expected … Continue reading On the Zika Virus

On The US Effort to Stop Poaching

On the Surface The United States is channeling millions of dollars into anti-poaching efforts, concentrating efforts mostly in Africa. As the United States grows into the second-largest market for illegal animal products, efforts need to be made to increase park security in African nations to stop illegal poaching. Poaching’s Threat Obviously, poaching poses a very serious threat to wildlife populations across the world. Species have been decimated as a result of illegal activity: half of Africa’s elephants have been killed for ivory since 1987. However, poaching’s devastating effects aren’t solely confined to Africa; since most poached goods are illegal, interconnections with other … Continue reading On The US Effort to Stop Poaching

A Message to Our Readers

Dear readers, Welcome to 2016! It truly has been a busy couple of months for us here at the Argus Chronicle, and we apologize for the recent lack of articles-between college applications, wrapping up the debate season, final exams, and the general business of senior year, we had very limited time to write as much as we would have liked. But, rest assured, you’ll soon have plenty of reading material, covering topics from both the domestic and the international theaters. As always, send us suggestions for articles, or even requests to write something yourself. Yours sincerely, Arvind and Matias Continue reading A Message to Our Readers

On the Paris Terror Attacks

Out of respect to the victims of the tragedy in Paris, no analysis will be provided. On Friday night, three teams of terrorists coordinated attacks at six locations in Paris, using 7 suicide bombers. 89 people died at the Bataclan concert hall; others were killed at a stadium and at cafés. French police claimed to have found a Syrian passport on one of the attackers’ bodies, increasing fears about a terrorist presence in Europe due to increasing numbers of refugees. On Saturday, the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attacks. French President Hollande condemned the assault as “an act of war.” France is in … Continue reading On the Paris Terror Attacks